Courses and Tutorials

Computational Data Science (2019 - today)

I teach introductory Python for data science in the postgraduate program in Data Science and Analytics. We cover python fundamentals, numpy, pandas, as well as text normalization and text mining techniques.

Manipulating and Exploiting Data (2018 - today)

A module that introduces database systems in the context of data analysis and applied machine learning in the MSc program on Software Engineering. We cover SQL and MongoDB fundamentals and develop ML-powered projects where data flows, databases and production-level ML interact.

Python from scratch webinars

A 3-part webinar series introducing Python and a use case using Natural Language Processing to group similar COVID-19. Organized by the Spanish of Spanish Researchers in the UK, which I am part of.

The full playlist is available here.

NAACL 2018 Tutorial - Lexical Resources & NLP

Incorporating linguistic, world and commonsense knowledge into AI/NLP systems is currently an important research area, with several open problems and challenges.  In this tutorial we give an overview of the 2-way interaction between LRs and NLP. Slides here.

ISMIR 2016 Tutorial - NLP & MIR

Tutorial on incorporating NLP techniques to Music Information Retrieval, with use cases on processing music-specific corpora (artist biographies, Wikipedia pages of musical entities, etc.) and how text data can help MIR applications such as artist clustering or music recommendation.


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