Cross-lingual Welsh-English embeddings

I am CO-I of a 90,000 GBP project funded by the Welsh Government on learning cross-lingual embeddings (English <-> Welsh), alongside Dawn Knight (PI), and Irena Spasic, Padraig Corcoran, and Geraint Palmer as CO-Is.

Meaning shift in social media

I am CO-I of a 10,000 USD project funded by Snap Inc. on modeling meaning shift over time in social media interactions.

Kaggle Open Data Research Grants

I was PI of the Don't Patronize Me! project, funded by Kaggle with 2,000 USD, for the annotation of a dataset on condescending and patronizing language.
- Paper and data.

2019 ELEXIS Visiting Grant

I was awarded a grant from the H2020 project ELEXIS to visit the Spanish Royal Academy (RAE) in December 2019.  As a result of this collaboration, we co-organized a 2020 shared task on NER and UD parsing